PCSO laments ‘near obsession’ with guns among young people

PCSO Jonathan Hall

PCSO Jonathan Hall - Credit: Archant

A PCSO says a “near obsession” with guns among young people is “chilling”.

Jonathan Hall says he has become increasingly concerned about the interest shown by young people with guns and of the role of computer games in fuelling their fascination.

In a blog post, he said: “Rather concerning, is young people’s fascination with guns. Whenever I present a school talk, all the children want to know is, have I got a gun, have I shot anyone. These are young children, and their near obsession with fire arms is chilling.”

PCSO Hall said his biggest problem with dealing with youngsters used to be anti-social drinking and rowdy behaviour in parks but he said targeted action had rendered them “a thing of the past”.

Now the Ely-based officer said the casual attitude of young people towards violence and guns was becoming a more pressing concern.

He noted: “Recently, I was out and about on patrol on my bike in Ely. As I passed the cannon on Cathedral Green, one young lad playing who was playing with his sibling, shouted “Police! Get him!” his young face contorted into a snarl, his hand became a gun and he started ‘shooting’ at me.

“I found it very disturbing, he was probably about six or seven-years-old. His mum never battered a eye lid. Where did someone so young get this attitude from?

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“I am glad the children no longer appear to be underage drinking, but I am not sure being the last human soldier in freedom city with a never ending supply of bullets, to destroy a never ending supply of Zombies is the answer. Also, seeing the police as the enemy is very concerning in the very least. What will the future hold I wonder?”

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