Hailing a cab at night? Then expect an increase in your fare in East Cambridgeshire

Increase for passengers in East Cambs at night

Increase for passengers in East Cambs at night - Credit: Archant

Passengers in East Cambs using a cab after a night out will be hit by a “significant increase” in fares as drivers are set to hike charges between 11pm and 3am.

It will mean an increase of £1.55 for one mile travelled, £1.65 for two miles and up to a £2 increase for a five mile journey at night.

While Bank Holiday rates will see a £1.90 increase for the first mile and a £6.50 increase for the five mile cost.

Passengers returning to Ely rail station from trips to London and Cambridge will be affected, as drivers say the larger increases will reflect the “additional socio-economic factors” involved in providing a service at these times.

It comes as part of a Hackney Carriage Fares Increase request from cabbies, that is set to go before East Cambridgeshire District Council tomorrow (June 20).

Figures suggest a taxi driver is around seven per cent worse off now then in 2013.

The report states: “The current night-time tariff only compensates a driver with an additional 50p per journey, regardless of the length of the journey, at a time when they are more likely to deal with unreasonable/unsocial behaviour.

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“The evidence suggests that the time is now right to increase the fares that can be lawfully charged by the taxi trade in order to offset some of the financial burdens that they have been subjected to over the past five years.

“However, it is recommended that this should also be a considered increase to reflect that all members of the community have also felt the impact of these financial constrictions on their own take home pay which is ultimately used to fund their travel.

“But those who choose to work between 11pm and 3am catering for those enjoying a night out in the city or arriving back from a night out via the railway station will see a significant increase in the income generated at this time.”

During the day time a “nominal” increase in charges will be added, which the estimated an average trip would costing around 30p more.

An increase in soiling charge will also be included of up to £150 from £90 to “reflect a truer cost of having to take a vehicle out of service while the issue is resolved.”