‘Partner left in soiled clothes’ - man reported staffing concerns about under fire Care UK home months before damning inspector’s report

Geoffrey Amis, partner of a dementia sufferer at Mildenhall lodge, with a folder full of coresponden

Geoffrey Amis, partner of a dementia sufferer at Mildenhall lodge, with a folder full of corespondence about Care UK and the Suffolk County Council - Credit: Archant

A damning report looking at the quality of care at a Mildenhall care home came as no surprise to the partner of a dementia sufferer who lives there.

Hitting out at staffing levels and standards of care, Geoffrey Amis, whose partner of 30 years stays at Mildenhall Lodge, informed the Care Quality Commission (CQC) about his concerns regarding Care UK on June 4.

A spokesman for Care UK said staffing levels are adequate and claimed that while care in the summer was below standard, they are now able to care for residents to a high-standard.

The CQC, partially acting on concerns raised by the public, carried out an unannounced inspection on July 29.

In its report, the home only achieved one out of five standards, with enforcement action taken over the care and welfare of its residents.

Care UK put down the failures to ‘teething problems’ in a statement released on Monday.

Mr Amis, 65, of Nat Flatman Street, Newmarket, said: “My experience is that there is never enough staff.

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“I have been to visit her several times when she has been left with soiled clothing. It does not give her any dignity. She can’t talk but knows what is happening.

“They wake her up very late and put her to bed early, she is in bed most of the day and it is not good for her.”

His partner Raili Perryman, 78, who used to work as a manager of Clarks in Bury, suffers from degenerative dementia.

She was previously cared for at the now closed Wamil Court, which was taken over by Care UK around 18 months ago.

Wamil Court’s CQC report found it failed to meet required staffing levels.

“When Care UK took over from Suffolk County Council (SCC), very experienced staff left,” said Mr Amis, a builder and decorator.

“Since they went to Mildenhall Lodge the problems have got worse. I have been there in the evening and they only had one member of staff and an agency worker [in the dementia unit].

“It has been very hard for me, I have raised these concerns many times with SCC and Care UK and they never sort it out, or admit there is an issue.”

Mr Amis said he has come forward because he was concerned that Ms Perryman could not be the only one who is suffering at Mildenhall Lodge.