Tongue in cheek social media post by the police officer out to catch those parking illegally in a Fenland town - overall he won the Facebook debate

All in a morning's work for the police officer in Whittlesey who having issued two parking tickets w

All in a morning's work for the police officer in Whittlesey who having issued two parking tickets warned he was ready and waiting to catch more offenders. Picture; FEN COPS - Credit: Archant

A police officer provoked a social media outburst by posting a photo of part of his morning’s work – handing out parking tickets – and warned: “I’m not going anywhere for a bit”.

The tongue in check post was made on the Policing Fenland Facebook page after the officer went into Whittlesey town centre on Saturday.

“First introduced in the 1960’s across the UK and colonies, double yellow lines along the side of the road indicate ‘no waiting’

“So why is it I’ve only spent 30 minutes (so far) in Whittlesey and given out two tickets for cars parked on these apparently ‘mysterious’ road markings?

“I have a full ticket pad, and a fully working pen, and I’m not going anywhere for a bit!”

Several people thought the officer should be better deployed elsewhere with one arguing that “they could do something more constructive than bug motorists”.

But the officer retorted: “The reason these road markings are in place is to avoid accidents, sometimes very serious ones due to the road being obstructed.

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“I’ve been to some such accidents, and that’s why ‘we’ enforce this, along with any other crimes, of which you list some.”

Another told the officer: “I personally think your time should be used for duties other than issuing tickets for parking as this really is a job for traffic wardens.”

One other posted: “Fifteen minutes a ticket? You’re taking your time aren’t you? Come to Wisbech and walk through the market place and Hill Street and High Street and around the Crescent and you will run out of your pen and pad before you run out of illegally parked cars”.

One woman thought the critics were ill judged pointing out that “the police can’t win really can they? It’s a huge problem in Whittlesey and the police are trying to address it yet get slated”.

But by the end of his exhausting shift – on Facebook at least – it seems the police officer had won over many of his critics.

Illegal parking is a “common problem in Whittlesey I’m afraid, particularly around the Market Square,” wrote another poster.

“I’m surprised there hasn’t been an accident. It is great that you’re tackling the problem today - how many days next week will you be giving out tickets?”

And one final poster noted that there were “so some people moaning about police ticketing cars parked illegally but have you ever thought before moaning asked yourself why the double lines are there?

“Maybe it is because parking may cause obstruction and therefore fire engines and ambulances can’t get through. You may think that’s not important until you have to call 999.”