Parents at Ely school learn lessons on keeping children save online

Online safety, Sgt Phill Priestley.

Online safety, Sgt Phill Priestley. - Credit: Archant

How to keep you children safe on line was the subject of a talk given to parents at St Mary’s Primary School, Ely.

tips for primary children

tips for primary children - Credit: Archant

Sgt Phil Priestley explained the importance of keeping children of all ages safe especially as children are going online at younger and younger ages.

The talk outlined what parents need to know to safeguard their children.

tips for teens

tips for teens - Credit: Archant

This included how to check the search history on the Internet, how to impose parental controls on home computers, where children have access to the Internet when they are not at homes, what it is that attracts them to the Internet and why they use it.

Sgt Priestley said: “It is important that you can talk openly and honestly with your children about the nature of the Internet and what is out there.”

He also recommended sites where parents could learn more about the issue: have some excellent resources.

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“I also recommend that you visit the Google Family Safety Centre - which also offers a great deal of free support and advice,” he said

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