Man subjected to 'unprovoked attack' at village pavilion

Mepal community pavilion subject of verbal abuse to worker

A man was verbally abused by a group of youths while working at the Mepal community pavilion in what the parish council described as an "unprovoked attack". - Credit: Halls for Hire

An electrical contractor who was working at a village pavilion was abused in what a parish council has described as an “unprovoked attack”. 

Mepal Parish Council received a call from the contractor on January 19 that he and his colleague were being verbally abused by four youths. 

“They had also thrown a drinks bottle at him,” a parish council statement read. 

“He was working with an apprentice who was also shocked by the behaviour and the four youths involved remained in the vicinity, shouting abuse for at least 30 minutes after the event started.   

“The parish council cannot accept such unacceptable behaviour as this was an unprovoked attack whilst the contractors were trying to pack up equipment after a long day's work.” 

The youths are thought to be aged between 15 and 18-years-old but it is unknown if they are from Mepal or surrounding areas. 

A warning was issued by Mepal Parish Council towards those who may be responsible to help protect “parish employees, workers and users of the facilities.

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“We are currently looking at how we can deal with this now and in future with police assistance,” the council statement added. 

“If you suspect that it is your children who might have been caught up in this, talk to them and explain it is unacceptable.”