Painting of new arrows on A10 hopes to help traffic flow around Ely

Councillor Anna Bailey helps traffic to flow easier around Ely with new painted arrows

Councillor Anna Bailey helps traffic to flow easier around Ely with new painted arrows - Credit: Archant

New lines have been painted on the A10 outside Ely to help reduce delays and ease peak time congestion.

The new arrows were painted at the A10/Angel Drove and A142/BP roundabout to help drivers know which lane they should take if they wished to drive straight on and turn left.

The work was carried out by Skanska on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council highway division.

Cllr Anna Bailey, a local member of Cambridgeshire County and East Cambridgeshire District Councils, said: “This idea was put forward by residents in the survey we carried out across East Cambs last year.

“There have been many times when I have been driving towards Ely during the rush hour and have ground to a halt on the A10 ahead of the Angel Drove roundabout.

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“Sitting in the traffic it occurred to me that some drivers who drove straight on at the roundabout had queued in the left hand lane.

“I spoke to the local highways team to see what could ease the traffic and help drivers, and we decided introducing new arrows on the road surface would help those queuing know which lane to be in.

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“It may seem like a simple measure but we believe it could make a real difference to the flow of vehicles going around the city.

“I am now focussing my efforts on trying to get a pedestrian crossing installed on Cambridge Road, which is badly needed to help people cross safely, particularly at busy times.”

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