Neighbours five-and-a-half-hour mission to rescue cat from tree

Littleport cat rescued after over five hours

Samantha Adamson had returned home to find that her cat Turtle (pictured) was found trapped in a tree in Littleport. - Credit: Samantha Adamson

Firefighters were on standby to rescue a cat stuck up a tree – until they were told it hadn’t been there long enough.  

Twenty hours is needed before they get called and Turtle had only been in the tree for a matter of hours.  

“The fire brigade was happy to help, but only if the RSPCA told them to,” said Turtle’s owner Samantha Adamson.  

“When we spoke to the RSPCA, they said the cat had to be up there for at least 24 hours before they or the fire brigade could help." 

In the end, says Samantha, the Littleport community rallied to her aid and Turtle was rescued.  

Rescue mission to save Littleport cat

Neighbours tried to help rescue Turtle from this tree despite asking for help from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and the RSPCA. - Credit: Samantha Adamson

The stuck cat ‘drama’ began on Thursday (March 25) when Samantha returned home to find a local Facebook forum discussing a cat stuck in a tree. 

After realising the cat was her Turtle, she knew she had to act fast.  

Littleport cat saved in comical rescue

Turtle was trapped in this tree for over five hours, before being rescued with the help of nearby residents. - Credit: Samantha Adamson

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She said: “I thought I would have a wander to see him and afterwards, we wondered how we could access the tree, and the only way was through the garden and an abandoned house.”  

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue service and the RSPCA were called to Upton Place, where Turtle was trapped, but were unable to help.  

“The fire brigade told us they could call back at 3pm the following day,” she said.  

Neighbours then stepped in, providing ladders and a tree surgeon to provide wood to help Turtle, who is around six to seven-months-old, return to safety.  

Cambridgeshire police were also informed after a resident thought the tree was being cut down.  

One resident, who witnessed the rescue, said police “laughed” when they arrived at the scene and realised it wasn’t trees being cut down but ‘Operation Rescue Turtle’ under way. 

The resident said: “They were told someone was trying to cut down the tree.”  

“They even had their siren on when they arrived.” 

But after around five-and-a-half hours, Turtle, who had never been as far as the garden until now, was retrieved, to the delight of Samantha and her daughter.  

Littleport cat rescued thanks to community

Turtle, who had not been further than the garden until now, is around six to seven-months-old. - Credit: Samantha Adamson

Turtle’s escape had come as a surprise to Samantha, who will now perhaps keep a closer eye on her beloved pet.  

“My daughter was determined if the kitten was not coming down, we would have had to pitch a tent under the tree!” she said.  

“Everyone was being careful with social distancing and they were all sensible.   

“Turtle will be under ‘house arrest’ and I hope after his little venture, he will be pretty settled to stick round the garden.”