Owner left in fear after fatal dog attack in street

Tilly the dog was killed after an attack in Littleport

Tilly the dog (pictured) was fatally attacked by two great Danes while on a walk in Littleport. - Credit: Supplied/Lauren Murfitt

A pet owner whose dog was killed by two great Danes while on a walk said he was “in fear of myself and my granddaughter”. 

Ian Murfitt was walking family dog Tilly on Victoria Street, Littleport at around 10am on December 14 when they came across an obstruction on the pavement. 

“There was a wheelie bin in the way, so a girl came out the door and their house is next to the pathway,” said Ian. 

“I went to pull the wheelie bin and then two dogs bolted out the door. 

“Tilly then ran out into the road and the great Danes pounced on her.” 

Ian, who walked seven-year-old shihpoo Tilly “every night” along either the same or similar route, said he had never seen the great Danes before. 

“Tilly’s stomach looked as though someone had a knife and slashed across it,” he said. 

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“I wanted to help Tilly, but she didn’t stand a chance.” 

Murfitt family with dog Tilly in Littleport

Lauren Murfitt and brother Sean with dog Tilly. - Credit: Supplied/Lauren Murfitt

A neighbour and a roofer were just some who helped Ian in the road after the attack, as well as looking after his granddaughter. 

Ian has also been in touch with the owner of the great Danes, who have since apologised. 

But despite that, the loss of Tilly has left a hole in the lives of Ian, his family and those who knew her. 

“When the attack happened, I was in fear of myself and my granddaughter as well,” he said. 

“Tilly had an impact on our lives. She was part of the family, like a child.   

“I’ve been inundated with people sending messages; they knew how much she meant to us and the kindness has been nice to see.  

“She should still be here today.” 

The great Danes are thought to have allegedly attacked another dog, which later survived, earlier this year. 

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said an investigation has been opened into the attack. 

They said: “We were called at about 4pm on Tuesday with reports a dog had been attacked by two other dogs in Littleport.  

“A crime has been raised for allowing the dogs to be dangerously out of control in a public place and an investigation is ongoing.” 

An RSPCA spokesperson added that incidents involving dogs "dangerously out of control would be investigated by the police who are responsible for enforcing the Dangerous Dogs Act."