Outgoing Ely Mayor Michael Rouse describes the role as a “great honour”

Outgoing Mayor of Ely, Michael Rouse (left) pictured with his consort, daughter Lauren. Picture take

Outgoing Mayor of Ely, Michael Rouse (left) pictured with his consort, daughter Lauren. Picture taken at the Ely Rock Vox Choir event. Picture: FACEBOOK/MICHAEL ROUSE - Credit: Archant

The outgoing Mayor of Ely Michael Rouse described representing the city for the last two years as a “great honour” in his farewell speech.

In his own, very personal words, he covered the highlights from hundreds of engagements he has attended and also thanked everyone for their support.

“Serving others is the best way to put aside your own health concerns,” he said when explaining he has heart failure and still continued the role.

His daughter, Lauren, who served as his consort joined him as he delivered his farewell speech over Facebook.

This May also marked his 50th year as an Ely City Councillor, having first held the office of mayor between 1976-77.

Cllr Rouse, who celebrated his 80th birthday this year, said: “The last two years have been the most rewarding of the last 50.”

In his speech, he added: “I’m a great believer in tradition and creating memories for people.

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“Although Ely has only had a Mayor for fewer than 50 years, I believe the Mayor can play a huge part in representing structure, order, stability, especially for children in what sometimes seems a bewildering society.

“One of the nicest things is when parents have brought their children to talk to me, have their photos taken or whatever.

“In years to come they probably won’t remember which Mayor it was but only that they met the Mayor and somehow he or she represented a community that was ordered, safe to grow up in and to have pride in.”

It continued: “Coming out of this coronavirus pandemic and adjusting to new ways of living, working and socialising, while rebuilding the business life of the city is going to be a huge challenge and the incoming Mayor and Deputy Mayor will have my full support.

“One of the most pleasing things in Ely is that the mayor transcends party politics with all its petty points scoring and can just concentrate on doing what is best for the city.”

He also outlined charities and causes he has supported, among them Ely City Band which will receive a £1,000 donation.

Cllr Sue Austen now the Right Worshipful Mayor to the City of Ely following the city’s Mayor Making ceremony. Cllr Annie Arnold will be her consort.

Cllr Richard Morgan will be Deputy and supported by his wife Jane.