Obituary: Mr Charles Alder

Charles Alder

Charles Alder - Credit: Archant

CHARLES Alder died on March 31 at his home, in Mawson Close, Ely, aged 88.

He was born in Galway, Ireland, and married Kay Alder at St Etheldreda’s Church on April 16, 1949. The couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 2009, shortly before Mrs Alder’s death.

Mr Alder, a retired sales representative, was a member of the Ely Lions Club and also Eucharist minister at St Etheldreda’s Church. He enjoyed holidaying in the UK as well as France and was a keen follower of sport, particularly rugby and football.

Mr Alder is survived by his three daughters Heather Alder, Kathryn Rowley and Sally Eaton. He also had a son, who was stillborn. He had four grandchildren, Graham (deceased), Matthew, Hannah and Anna.

A funeral service, carried out by Father Tony Shryane, was held on April 18 at St Etheldreda’s Church followed by interment in Ely Cemetery.