Wife pays tribute to fishmonger and 'lifeline' Billy

Fishmonger Billy Davies in Soham

Billy Davies acted as "a lifeline to lots of people" through his work as a fishmonger. - Credit: Diane Butler

The wife of a fishmonger who acted as “a lifeline to lots of people” has paid tribute to him. 

William Davies, known as Billy, started working under his father who owned a fish and chip shop before running his own fish delivery firm across East Anglia, including Soham. 

His wife Alison said: “He was a lifeline to lots of people; he knew everything about everybody.” 

Billy died aged 58 on May 26 after a battle with cancer. 

Born in Beccles on May 7, 1964, Billy attended The Denes High School in Lowestoft but left early to work at his father’s fish and chip shop in the town. 

“I think Billy started working with his dad around 30 years ago before he left school and then did HGV driving, then went back to his dad,” said Alison. 

“Billy didn’t finish his education and worked more with the family.” 

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After Billy and Alison met in Tenerife, they took over his father’s business around 20 years ago to run A&B Fresh Fish Limited and expanded it across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

Fishmonger Billy Davies in Soham

Billy Davies travelled across East Anglia and was a regular feature in Soham throughout his career as a fishmonger. - Credit: Diane Butler

And as well as door-to-door service, their trips included visits to Soham every Friday after taking over his brother’s slot. 

“His brother Joey was in a difficult position in Soham (for attraction) compared to Billy, who moved to the market,” Alison said.  

“Billy was at least 10 years serving in Soham, which was a stall but the rest of the week, he did door to door like a milkman with fish.” 

From Soham to Norwich, Billy was travelling regularly across the region, but along the way he made many friends. 

In fact, many customers showed their appreciation for the speedway fan so that, according to Alison, they could go “for the Billy experience as he was more of a friend to them.” 

Billy, who stopped his Soham service on Christmas Eve last year, was one of six siblings. 

A father-of-four, he was known as a family man and had the power to cheer up any customer. 

Alison added: “People have been saying Billy has left a massive void in a lot of people’s lives as he made such an impact on them.”