A man has paid tribute to his “beautiful and well-known” partner, describing her as a figure who “really cared about the people of Ely”.

Susie Fletcher, of Ely, died suddenly aged 64 last month (January 30) at home having been diagnosed with a glioblastoma cancer brain tumour just six weeks earlier.

At the age of 20, Susie moved to Australia for 12 years working as a nanny and set up her own pre-school there.

When she arrived back in the UK to her hometown in Surrey, she became a manager at a number of pre-school nursery groups.

Her partner of three-years, David Clark, said: “She’d been doing that for a while and she was having to do more and more paperwork, so she decided to leave.

“She was walking down the high street one day, saw a sign in the window for Age UK, and that’s where her work in retail began.”

Soon after Susie got the managerial job, her mum moved to Ely to be closer to Susie’s brother.

Susie followed her, transferring to the store in the city that was her home for the last 16 years.

She then worked for Waitrose and ended up as manager at Holland & Barrett.

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David says Susie was one of the city’s most popular and well-known retail managers.

“Susie was well-known by Ely residents for her professional knowledge and friendly caring attitude to people,” said David.

“She knew so many people and so many people knew her.

“The manager of one of the restaurants in Ely was in tears when he heard about Susie’s passing.

“So many people thanked her for what she did for them – especially during Covid when they couldn’t see a doctor.”

Outside of work, Susie enjoyed being an Avon and a Slimming World representative.

“She was a lover of make-up and got involved with anything to do with it,” said David.

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Talking of their time together, David said they always used to say to each other “let's have an adventure”, and he wishes they had more time to have followed that even more.

“Susie was an amazing and incredible lady. She was beautiful, loving, kind and caring,” said David.

“She really cared about the people of Ely and will be sadly missed by many.

“I feel honoured to have known her.”

Susie leaves David, her mum and two brothers.

A service at Fenland Crematorium will take place on Thursday February 24 at 1:30pm.

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