Nudist swimming in Ely - it’s no April Fools’ joke

Naturist swimming session to be held at Paradise Pools in Ely PHOTO: Pixabay

Naturist swimming session to be held at Paradise Pools in Ely PHOTO: Pixabay - Credit: Archant

April Fools Day jokes can be difficult to spot but if you see a naturist swimming session poster for the Ely swimming pool for April 1 then rest assured this is no joke.

Three naturist swimming sessions are being held in Paradise Pools - and the first is on April Fool’s Day.

The city pool is hosting the specialist events in April and May organised by the Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club.

Malcolm Boura, club chairman, said: ““It is both good for you and fun. Nothing’s better!

“It is well established that naturism is good for you and that it provides benefit in many ways, general health and well-being, happiness, body-attitude, body-image, body-positivity, all of those and much more, but above all it is fun.

“First timers are often nervous but it is incredible how quickly first time nerves disappear.

“It is not surprising - after all, it’s the natural way to swim.”

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The club has been using the Mildenhall Pool for 15 years but there are a couple of months when it is not available which is why they are coming to Ely instead.

Mr Boura said: “We are delighted to be using the excellent pool at Ely instead as well as making naturist swimming available in a new area.

• Ely sessions are being held on Saturday April 1, Saturday April 22, and 20 May, 5:05 to 6:30pm. Bring a towel and something to identify you. Please Google Mildenhall Naturism, email or phone 07946 886843 for further information.

Advice from the Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club website includes:

• The club is very careful about confidentiality. They never pass on information about members unless it is clearly needed for law enforcement.

• Naturists are careful about confidentiality because it can cause problems if the wrong people hear about it.

• Going to your first naturist swim can be terrifying. You have a life time of conditioning to overcome and that is not easy.

• Embarrassment ends sometime between starting to undress and about two minutes later.

• Worried about looks, figure, a blemish here, a mole there? Frightened that the lifeguards will mistake you for the inflatable and pack you away? Well, you’ll fit right in. Naturists are no more attractive or ugly than everyone else. We have the same number of noses, toeses and other body bits. Just as many of us have operation scars, bits missing or bits an unusual shape or size. We just don’t think it any big deal what someone looks like.

• There might be somebody there that you know. If there is, then they will be naturist the same as you are so what’s the worry?

• Female embarrassment - what is there to be embarrassed about?

• Male embarrassment - there is one aspect of male anatomy which causes nervousness to a lot of blokes before their first swim. British Naturism has been known to rather coyly call it ‘visible embarrassment’

• Naturist swims are less titillating than clothed ones. After all a swim suit is just a proclamation that the wearer has something to hide and an invitation to imagine what it is.

• People can’t come to the swim unless they know about it so publicity is essential. Their site says: “Obviously that means dealings with the media. We used to be very open and helpful to the media but one visit soured relations badly. They did not honour the assurances and undertakings that they gave. Accordingly we are now a lot more cautious and the undertakings required have been revised and strengthened.”

• No photography without the permission of the pool duty manager and the club duty officer.

• There is a space around a person known to psychologists as ‘private space’. If someone enters it they make that person feel uncomfortable. The size of that space depends on the circumstances. For example it’s about 20 feet between family groups on a beach but touching whilst avoiding eye contact, on a crowded train. It also depends on who it is. Close friends will typically stand closer together than strangers. Staring is also an invasion of private space. Respecting another persons private space is good manners.

• The club has a child protection policy in place.