Three-course dinner where ‘clothes are optional’ is coming to Cambridgeshire this chilly winter season

A daring dinner experience, where clothes are optional, is coming to Cambridgeshire this cold winter season.

The risky culinary event, organised by the Eastern Region of British Naturism, takes place in Whittlesford on Saturday, January 25.

Attendees are allowed to wear the least amount of clothes they feel comfortable and those not wearing any are asked to bring a towel to sit on.

Ian Beeby, meal organiser, said: "This means you don't have to think about what to wear, just wear the least clothes you are comfortable with or maybe even none.

"This is a fun event with a quiz but the main emphasis is for people to relax and enjoy themselves with nothing to judge people by.

"Naturists are very friendly sociable normal people. The only way you can find out about who they are and meet others nearby is by talking to them.

The meal has a soup starter then a meat dish with a vegan option and a choice of desserts. The village has transport links for those in cars or on the train.

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Mr Beeby added: "A shuttle lift can be arranged from the station if arranged in advance.

"Other events have been held around the country, but this is the first one near Cambridge."

Tickets, which are limited to 100 people, can be purchased via: