Now she’s got the key of the door: Julie wins a car at Tesco

LUCKY shopper Julie Hamilton picked the right key to unlock the door and win an �8,000 Hyundai car a the weekend - even though her sprained wrist had prevented her from filling in the competition application form.

Thrilled Julie could not believe her luck when she was first declared a finalist in the competition at the Tesco store in Ely, and then her key matched the door of the car.

Julie, 66, who lives in Ely, said: “I simply couldn’t believe it, I had to ask my husband to pinch me. Once the realisation had sunk in, I felt great. I must thank the lady at the customer service desk who kindly filled in the form for me, I couldn’t write as I sprained my wrist. I love my new car I just think it’s absolutely brilliant.”

“When I received the call to say I was one of five finalists to be selected, I thought it was a joke and almost hung up. I really didn’t expect to win. I just can’t believe my luck – I have never won anything!”

More than 5,000 people entered the store’s free prize draw. Julie and four other hopefuls were picked as finalists, and each finalist chose a golden envelope containing a number from one to five. This number indicated which order they would step forward and select a key to unlock the stunning carbon grey Hyundai i10.

Deputy store manager, Ian Westwood who watched the nail-biting final with a crowd of customers said: “The atmosphere in store was fantastic. I am thrilled for Julie and delighted that Tesco was able to give this beautiful car away. I would like to thank everyone who took part.”

The car was purchased from EMG, and local dealership manager, Mark Greff said: “It’s been a brilliant to be involved in such an exciting competition. I hope Julie enjoys her new car.”

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The four runners up each picked up a �200 Tesco gift card, and other shoppers also got the chance to win a share of �200.

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