No resolution for anybody who has been offensive or threatening says Ely’s Party on the Hill summer festival organisers

Party on the Hill 2015. Adam Ant.

Party on the Hill 2015. Adam Ant. - Credit: Archant

Organisers of an event, where technical hitches led to the top act playing for just half the promised time, said they will only resolve issues for disappointed ticket holders who have not been rude or threatening.

Party on the Hill

Party on the Hill - Credit: Archant

A statement on their Facebook page said they have made a “firm decision” that they are “happy to work towards a resolution for those who have expressed their disappointment in a fair, constructive and reasonable manner.”

But: “We will not be doing so for anyone who is independently judged to have suggested what is beyond reasonable expectation, deliberately misleading, offensive or threatening.”

The window of opportunity for a refund has now closed for people who were disappointed by the city’s summer festival event, Party on The Hill, where bands ran two hours late leading to top act, 80’s legend Adam Ant, playing for 30 minutes instead of the scheduled hour and a half.

Also Shane Ward cancelled at the last minute due to health reasons and was replaced with 2013 X Factor winner Sam Bailey.

Fan Alison Burt with Adam Ant

Fan Alison Burt with Adam Ant - Credit: Archant

Organisers said on their Facebook page they are in dispute with a number of suppliers but because everybody looking at emails is doing it on a voluntary basis in spare time then: “As much as everyone wants things settled, jobs and own personal commitments have to come first.

“If it were only a matter of replying to emails, posts and letters it could have been done quicker, but it is not that simple.

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“Having to discuss matters with nearly a dozen separate companies and organisations that were part of the event is hugely time consuming.

“If we don’t investigate the problems properly and gain an accurate picture, there is nothing to be gained.”

Three weeks earlier they said they had handed emails over for an independent arbitration.

“We do want to try to reach a resolution with guests who were disappointed,” they said.

Disabled party goer, mum of three Alison Burt, travelled from her home near Portsmouth to watch her idol Adam Ant play.

The 48 year old said: “I suffer nerve damage and am on strong medication. Eventually I will end up in a wheelchair so am doing as many gigs following Adam around the country as I can before that happens.

“It took a lot of effort to get to Ely. I feel so upset and disappointed.”