Nine-year-old Edward will take centre stage

WHILE most nine-year-olds are content to just sit and enjoy the circus, Edward Pinder is more at home on centre stage, as one of the country’s youngest ringmasters.

The primary school pupil normally enjoys a cameo slot as one of the clowns with a touring circus but, when ringmaster Mike Lea lost his voice unexpectedly, Edward was first in line to step in.

And, with the circus about to roll in Ely, Edward will once again be at the heart of the action, complete with his own custom made ringmasters’ outfit.

The nine-year-old has performing in his blood, with his mum, dad and grandparents all performing as clowns with the circus.

Ringmaster Mike Lea told the Ely Standard: Edward watches the show and knows all the words and took the microphone when I lost my voice and kept the show going.

“He made such a good job of iy, his mother has made him his own ringmasters outfit

and, after his school work is done, he is allowed to act as ringmaster. Edward is a cute looking circus boy who all the mums and children like.”

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Edwards will be performing with the Lincolnshire-based Pinder’s Circus, which can trace its roots’ back more than 150 years, when it rolls in Ely from April 5-8.

The performances are taking place at Lavender Green on Willow Walk.

INFO: or call 07578 083 755