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Welcome to the Cambs24 blogging community. Here is a taster of one of our bloggers. Ian Ray – Fiends Reunited Ely Standard reporter Ian Ray has been trying to track down old friends. LOOKING back over my blog, I ve come to the conclusion that it s becom

Welcome to the Cambs24 blogging community. Here is a taster of one of our


Ian Ray - Fiends Reunited

Ely Standard reporter Ian Ray has been trying to track down old friends.

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LOOKING back over my blog, I've come to the conclusion that it's become a little bit...well, samey. Meet up with people you like but have lost contact with, remember why you haven't spoken to them for a long time, etc...

The format has become a bit tired, and so this week I have decided to shake it up a bit.

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I wish I could tell you I've come up with a radical re-imagining of the concept, but the reality of the situation is that I've only really inverted it in a rather clumsy manner - rather than contacting people I used to get on with to see if I still like them, I'm going to contact people I have never really taken to and see if age has allowed me to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Many people I have met that I don't like are friends of friends. In the same way the vast majority of couples meet through a shared acquaintance, it seems we meet our most bitter enemies by the same means, and so this could be my way into arranging an encounter.

I have imagined the instigation of such a rendezvous and I include it below:

Ian: "Hello Dave, do you fancy a drink at the Six Bells tonight?"

David: "Yeah, sounds good, about eight?"

Ian: "Ok, see you there - Dave?"

David: "Yes?"

Ian: "Why don't you invite your mate Malcolm? He lives around the corner from the pub, doesn't he?"

David: "Malcolm?"

Ian: "Yes, Malcolm, I haven't seen him in ages."

David: "Isn't that because you can't stand him?"

Ian: "What do you mean?"

David: "Well, Lauren says you roll your eyes whenever he's talking."

It's not going to be easy, but I'm confident I can do it. As an added bonus, when I meet with people I actually do like, it will seem all the more sweet after spending time with people I don't.

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