Newmarket racecourse want to build permanent lights for car parks and driveways on concert nights

Permanent lighting is needed for the car parks and driveways at Newmarket Nights events say racecour

Permanent lighting is needed for the car parks and driveways at Newmarket Nights events say racecourse owners - Credit: Archant

Newmarket Racecourses want to install permanent lighting across its car parks and driveways to make it safer and easier for customers to get back to their vehicles after concerts and race meetings.

The lighting scheme is needed to meet safety standards and improve the “operational and energy efficiency” according to a report.

The lighting is for the July Course which hosts 22 racing and concert events during the season from June to the end of August.

“The racecourse is a major tourist attraction and a significant part of the economy, heritage and cultural infrastructure in the region,“ a report said.

“The parking areas and internal access and driveways currently do not have adequate lighting provision which necessitates JCR to utilise a number of temporary tower lighting at large events.

“However the use of temporary lower lighting is not an adequate arrangement in terms of safety and efficiency in terms of operation.”

A planning application has been submitted to East Cambs District Council asking for permission to build 22 six metre high columns in the car parking area and 35 six metre lighting columns for internal access driveways.

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Lighting will only be used for race meetings and concerts which finish at night time.

The are which needs the lighting is next to a county wildlife site but the report says any new lights will co exist in harmony with the environmentally protected areas.

“The lighting scheme has been designed to minimise any potential adverse impact on environmentally protected areas.

“Any harm should be outweighed by the pressing need to bring the racecourse’s facilities up to the necessary standard to ensure the safe operation of the major visitor attraction,” said the report prepared for the racecourse by Rapleys planning consultants.