New plice 'statin' pened

BY CATHERINE ATKINSON Email: SOHAM S new plice statin pened n Mnday in the twn s Budgens supermarket – nly the secnd f its kind in the cuntry. The plice statin, staffed by a Sham neighburhd fficer, will



SOHAM'S new plice 'statin' pened n Mnday in the twn's Budgens supermarket - nly the secnd f its kind in the cuntry.

The plice statin, staffed by a Sham neighburhd fficer, will initially pen twice a day three times a week.

It is the result f a partnership between businessman Jnathan James, wh wns Budgens, and Cambridgeshire plice.

Ely Plice Sectr Inspectr Alan Savill said: "The new statin will allw fficers far mre time t cmmit t their lcal plicing needs withut the need t be travelling frm the sectr's base in Ely." It will cut mre than an hur travelling time fr fficers, enabling them t be mre f a presence in their neighburhd.

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Inspectr Savill added: "The ffice was established after listening t residents' views during panel meetings and after lcal fficers asked fr a way in which t be mre invlved in the cmmunity and visible in their areas."

Budgens wner Jnathan James has been in talks with plice fr mre than a year, and ffered them the pprtunity t pen the new statin in the supermarket when he mved his management peratin t Chatteris.

Mr James, wh is himself a frmer special cnstable, said: "I believe this is exactly what lcal peple want - it will bring the plice int the heart f ur cmmunity. By prviding a base fr the neighburhd plicing team within the stre, the cmmunity f Sham will be able t access fficers mre readily and in a familiar envirnment. We are delighted t be able t supprt the Cambridgeshire cnstabulary and keep the lcal bbby n the beat."

Opening the ffice, Jim Paice MP said: "It's a real trailblazing idea. Great credit t Jnathan James, wh nt nly has allwed it t be here, but has driven the idea frward."

Mr Paice added that he hped plice ffices wuld be taken up by ther twns in ther areas, and jked that the supermarket's refrigeratin area, which is next t the plice ffice, culd duble as cells. "It brings a whle new meaning t being put in the cler," he said.

After helping Mr Paice unveil a dedicatry plaque, children frm St Andrew's and Weatheralls primary schls turned ut fr a lessn in fingerprinting and cmmunity safety frm fficers.

INFO: Plice ffice pening hurs are: Wednesday 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm; Thursday 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm; Friday 2pm-3pm and 6pm-7pm

Plice hpe t extend the pening hurs in future.