New home bought for the next Bishop of Ely

Bishop of Ely, Rt Revd Stephen Conway

Bishop of Ely, Rt Revd Stephen Conway - Credit: Archant

SPECULATION that the Bishop of Ely is moving to a new home in the city has been quashed by the diocese this week - but his successor will not be accommodated in the current historic Bishop’s House.

The Church Commissioners have bought a new home in Lynn Road at Ely - not far from the home of the Bishop of Huntingdon - and that property will be used for future bishops.

At the moment, the Bishop of Ely, the Right Rev Stephen Conway, lives just a stone’s throw from Ely Cathedral, along The Gallery. But the Church Commissioners - who own the property - have undertaken a review of the house, and decided that lack of a disabled access means it is not a sustainable property for future bishops.

The new property was bought for an undisclosed sum, and will be rented out on the open market for the time being, and the proceeds used to pay the clergy.

A spokesman for diocese said: “The Ely Diocesan Board of Finance has a portfolio of investments including property and land which generates income to help pay for clergy stipends.

“It is the responsibility of the Church Commissioners to provide suitable home and office accommodation for bishops. The Diocese of Ely has been advised that the current bishop’s accommodation will not be sustainable for the next bishop. In particular the current house has no disabled access.

“An important part of the bishop’s ministry is to provide hospitality to many different groups in the diocese. As so few suitable houses become available in Ely, the Diocesan Board of Finance as part of its good stewardship and long term planning, chose to purchase a property now and to rent it out. The income received will go towards clergy stipends.

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“There are no plans for the diocesan bishop to move from his current office and home.”