New fire engine for Ely crews

FIRE crews in Ely received a brand new Scania fire engine this week.

FIRE crews in Ely received a brand new Scania fire engine this week.

It is the first time that firefighters based at the station have received a new fire engine with the privilege of a shiny new vehicle normally reserved for stations which operate a full-time 24-hour shift.

The station’s old fire engine will stay at Ely as the second pump which will be crewed by the station’s dedicated team of retained firefighters.

Ely’s old second pump will go to Ramsey as it is newer than their current fire engine.

Simon Thompson, Crew Manager at Ely Fire Station said: “Each year fire engines are improved with the latest technology and so it is great to get a new appliance at Ely and for us to benefit from these advancements. The electronic pump control is easy to use and it means we can tackle fires more effiently.”

The new Scania is more efficient than the crew’s former fire engine as it comes with an electronic pump control. This means instead of controlling the water pressure themselves, firefighters will key into the computer the pressure they want and the computer controls it.

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There is also more stowage area in the new fire engine, which will allow the team to store new equipment more easily when it is made available.

The new Scania also carries Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue’s website along the top. The website details incidents the Service attends as well as all different kinds of safety information for residents and businesses.