New Ely store strikes deal with district council

A COMPROMISE has been struck between Aldi and East Cambridgeshire District Council that will see the supermarket giant allowed to stay open for longer.

Under the terms of its original planning permission, granted late last year, the Ely store, in Lisle Lane, would only be allowed to operate between 8am and 8pm, to protect neighbours of the site from noise and light nuisance.

In the summer however, the German retail chain applied to extend its hours to 8am-10pm, to match that of neighbouring superstore Sainsbury’s.

The proposal was met with disdain from neighbours of the site and the City of Ely Council however, both parties saying the longer hours would disturb residents.

In consultation with the council, Peter Deadman, of Lisle Close, said: “Unlike Sainsbury’s there is no underground car park or substantial buffer to reduce noise to residents, especially those immediately adjacent.

“The noise of slamming doors or loud conversation will be a considerable inconvenience and disturbance to them.”

The City of Ely Council added: “The council strongly recommends that this application be refused on the grounds that this store is located in a residential area.

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“This would cause extra disturbance to these residents if they were allowed to extend the opening hours.”

In light of the objections, Aldi and the district council reached a compromise and the new superstore, expected to be open early in the new year, will be allowed to open until 9pm.

Planning office Ann Caffell said: “It is considered that the additional one hour, until 9pm, would not cause significant detrimental impact on the residential amenities of adjoining residential occupiers.”