New book explores history of German prisoners in Ely and beyond

Author Robin Quinn

Author Robin Quinn - Credit: Archant

An author has published a new book which looks at the lives of German prisoners during the Second World War, including those sent to Ely.

Historian Robin Quinn has taken a fresh look at the camps in Ely and nearby Wisbech and Trumpington in his book, Hitler’s Last Army.

The book draws on archive material and interviews with German prisoners who were detained in the area, as well as those kept around the UK, estimated at 400,000 by the time the conflict ended.

Mr Quinn said: “In Cambridgeshire, there were multiple camps including those at Ely, Trumpington, and Wisbech.

“German prisoners also helped to alleviate the flooding in the area in 1947. As one former prisoner recalled, ‘I was at a camp in Cambridgeshire at the time and the Wash got flooded. They were afraid that the dykes would break and they came to the camp and asked for help. When anything like this happened we would help.’”

Hitler’s Last Army, published by the History Press, is available in book shops and online as an e-book.