Nearly half of those who appealed £60 fixed penalty parking fines in East Cambs won on appeal

Fixed penalty notices in East Cambs figures revealed

Fixed penalty notices in East Cambs figures revealed - Credit: Archant

Nearly 50 per cent of people who appealed their £60 fixed penalty notices issued in East Cambs had the fines dismissed on appeal.

The figures were released by East Cambridgeshire District Council following a Freedom of Information request.

The figures show that between September 28, 2015 and September 27, 2017, 562 appealed the £60 notices for parking offences.

But of these, says the council, 263 were upheld on appeal – a success rate of 47 per cent.

Throughout the two years the council issued 2,693 fixed penalty notices – at £60 each or reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

The council in their response says 431 cases remain outstanding and this includes those cases that have been taken to court and awaiting costs award.

However the council has written off 87 payments because of difficulties in collection.

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East Cambs Council says the gross income from fixed penalty notices during the two year period comes to £112,420.

“We do not hold information relating to the fixed penalty notices for parking offences for more than two years,” says the council “This information is destroyed under our destruction policy and in line with Data Protection principles.”