MP Sir Jim’s praise for online flood warning system

THE Environment Agency’s innovative way of spreading information about flood risks online has been praised by SE Cambs MP Sir Jim Paice.

This summer’s unusually wet weather means there is a higher risk of flooding in autumn and winter, the Environment Agency and Met Office warned this week.

Interactive online games and animations have been put up on the organisation’s website to help people prepare their homes to reduce the damage caused by flooding.

The features have been praised by MP for South East Cambridgeshire Sir James Paice.

Mr Paice said: “Flooding can have a devastating effect on your home and family but many people are unaware of the flood risks in their local area and the steps you can take to prevent damage.

“I am delighted that the Environment Agency has targeted young people to raise flood awareness through this online interactive campaign.

“Spreading this important message will mean my young constituents can learn what to do when floods occur and how to better protect their homes from damage.”

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The interactive flood house invites people to walk through a home and identify all the danger spots to keep it safe, and gives advice to take insurance cover.

To access the Environment Agency’s digital flood preparation information, go to the website