MP’s welcome for living wage boost

Sir Jim Paice MP

Sir Jim Paice MP - Credit: Archant

Almost nine of out 10 jobs in South East Cambridgeshire pay more than the living wage, new figures have revealed.

The district is among the best performing areas for workers in the East of England, with just 12.6 per cent of jobs not paying the £7.85 living wage, according to figures released by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Only South Cambridgeshire workers fare better than those in SE Cambs, with only 8.5 per cent of jobs not paying the living wage.

But in some parts of the East, more than a third of jobs are paying less than the living wage.

The TUC said that North Norfolk tops the list of living wage blackspots, with 38.5 per cent of the jobs based there paying less than the living wage.

Megan Dobney, from the TUC, said: “Extending the living wage is a vital step towards tackling the growing problem of in-work poverty in parts of the East of England – and Britain as a whole.

“The number of living wage employers is growing rapidly and unions are playing their part in encouraging more employers to sign up and pay it.

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“But we need to see a far wider commitment to pay the living wage from government, employers and modern wages councils – to drive up productivity and set higher minimum rates in industries where employers can afford to pay their staff more.”

South East Cambridgeshire MP, Sir Jim Paice said: “Whilst I am pleased that the vibrant economy in South East Cambridgeshire is paying better than most other areas, it is take home pay which really matters and this Government has taken nearly 3.5 million of the lowest paid out of tax which is much more meaningful.”