MP prompts investigation into broadband speeds in East Cambs

Steve Barclay MP who will give his opening speech in Parliament soon

Steve Barclay MP who will give his opening speech in Parliament soon - Credit: Archant

An investigation has been launched into inconsistent broadband speeds around East Cambs after MP Steve Barclay raised the issue.

The NE Cambridgeshire MP was contacted by constituent Roy Jacobs, of Wardy Hill, who signed up for super-fast broadband after it was rolled out in his area two months ago.

But instead of receiving broadband speeds of the anticipated 24 mps to 33 mps, Mr Jacobs was only getting 7.5 mps. He blamed the matter on poor or outdated infra-structure linking Wardy Hill with the green fibre optic box and asked for Mr Barclay’s help.

Mr Barclay, who has welcomed the roll-out of superfast broadband across the county, was concerned by Mr Jacobs’ experience and promised to investigate the situation.

News of Mr Barclay’s concerns has now prompted the Connecting Cambridgeshire team, which is responsible for the roll-out programme, to look into the issue.

They were unaware of the discrepancies before Mr Barclay’s intervention, but would now be launching their own investigation and have promised to report back on their findings.

Mr Barclay said: “Superfast broadband is a vital service that can help boost the local economy, but I am concerned that whilst the rollout programme bringing it to rural areas is progressing there are still issues over speed.

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“Since I made public the problems suffered by Mr Jacobs and his neighbours I have had numerous other people from around the constituency contacting me with similar problems, so this appears to be quite a widespread issue.

“I am grateful that the team responsible are now looking into the problem and I hope they are able to find a solution. If it is due to outdated infra-structure and new cabling is needed then that could have major implications for all rural areas.”

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