MP hails Bobby scheme which helps support elderly victims of burglary in East Cambs

James Paice

James Paice - Credit: Archant

Sir Jim Paice has backed an East Cambs initiative that provides help and support to disabled and elderly residents at risk of burglary.

The Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme is a charity which provides a free service to victims of burglary aged 60 and over by improving home security.

A team of carpenters repair damage to homes caused by criminals, install better locks, bolts, door chains and door viewers. The scheme’s security advisors spend time with victims providing security advice and reassurance.

They also make re-visits with updated devices or to replace batteries, as well as identifying any further needs.

Last week, at Ely police station, Sir Jim discussed the scheme with Shirley Simpson, manager of the Cambridgeshire Police Shrievalty Trust.

Sir Jim, MP for South East Cambs, said: “Not only has the Bobby Scheme been a huge success in reducing the rate of repeat burglary in my constituency, it has also given reassurance and peace of mind to many of the most vulnerable in our society.

“I would like to thank those involved in the scheme for their valuable work, and hope that more people can benefit in the future.”

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Ms Simpson added: “Crime and the fear of crime can have a devastating impact on peoples’ lives, their health and well being. The Bobby Scheme does make a valuable, positive contribution to improving the quality of life of older and vulnerable members of the community by improving their home security.”

Those who are 65 and over or disabled, and have not been victims of burglary, may request a visit from the Bobby Scheme upon making a small donation.

The Bobby Scheme has helped more than 19,000 people in the last 11 years, more than half of whom live alone and the majority are over the age of 80. The repeat burglary rate for those who have been helped by the scheme is less than two per cent, compared with a rate of 10 per cent in Cambridgeshire and the national repeat burglary rate of 14 per cent.