Motorcycle seized on Camel Road, Littleport - no insurance, tax, MOT, illegal number plate and driver without helmet

Motorcycle seized at around 2pm on Camel Road, Littleport

Motorcycle seized at around 2pm on Camel Road, Littleport - Credit: Archant

A motorcyclist had his vehicle seized in Littleport yesterday for riding without insurance, tax and MOT, sporting an illegal number plate and not wearing a helmet.

The driver was caught at around 2pm on Camel Road, having committed the road traffic equivalent of a ‘full house’.

Police took the motorcycle away and the driver was reported for summons for the offences. He now faces a potential disqualification, fine or both.

PCSO Annie Austin said: “I spotted him riding with no helmet, and it’s quite an eye catching bike.”

PC Neil Evans then came in to complete the legal requirements to seize and take the vehicle away.

He said: “We’re committed to taking vehicles off the road that aren’t road legal. These are offences that increase the cost of motoring for all of us.

“It’s unusual to encounter a motorcycle that isn’t insured and doesn’t have a full MOT.

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“Motorcyclists are - in the majority of circumstances - fastidious about the maintenance of their bikes - but the laws of the road are there for all us, bikes and cars alike.”