Watch ‘the most magical moment’ as more than 50 deer leap across snowy road

The “magical moment” more than 50 deer crossed the snow-covered A1101 in what looked like a scene from a Christmas film has been caught on camera.

Carla Money, originally from Isleham near Ely, stopped her car along the main road near Mildenhall to capture dozens of wild deer leaping across the snow.

The short clip has been seen hundreds of times on social media after the 30-year-old now from Beck Row in Suffolk “just recorded them in amazement”.

She said: “It was such an amazing experience.

“I was heading from Mildenhall to Bury St Edmunds with my little girl who is two-years-old and I saw this [the deer] just before a small village called Icklingham.

“I could see something up ahead, as I got closer, I realised it was deer, so I stopped my car and got my phone out to record it.

“I had already missed around 30 to 40 deer cross and just recorded them in amazement; It was truly magical to witness such beauty, and in the snow too.

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“It really was the most magical moment; how wonderful and lucky we are to live in the countryside.”