Driver flees 'at speed' after crashing into £39k Mercedes

This parked Mercedes GLC - worth around £39,000 - was driven into and damaged in Stour Green, Ely, on October 31. 

This parked Mercedes GLC - worth around £39,000 - was driven into and damaged in Stour Green, Ely, on October 31. - Credit: KEV SYMONS

An Ely couple watched in disbelief as a driver fled after crashing into their £39,000 Mercedes GLC. 

Kev Symons said he and his wife Sue were laying in bed at their home on Stour Green on Sunday October 31 when "we suddenly heard a car's engine rev followed by a crunching sound" at around 11.45pm. 

"As we looked out of our window we saw that a car had driven into my wife Sue’s Mercedes GLC which was parked outside, next to our daughter's car," he said. 

As the couple ran outside, they saw what they believed to be "an Audi A3, or similar, driving away at speed".

After looking at the Mercedes, they noticed that substantial damage had been caused to the front and side of the car on the driver's side.

There was also debris from the other car which included a complete reflector, added Mr Symons. 

"My teenage son realised that there was a number on the reflector and checked it out on the internet to find that this was a part number for a rear reflector for an Audi A1 or A3."

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Mr Symons then reported the incident to police and a crime number was given for insurance purposes. 

However, the couple are now concerned that this may affect Sue's insurance despite it being "an incident that was out of our control, as has happened to many other people.

"I cannot state how angry and frustrated we are as my wife has now had to have two days off work to sort this out and wait for the collection of this car and delivery of a courtesy car as her one is undrivable," he added.

"I would like the person who did this to take responsibility and answer to the police.

"If any of your readers noticed a dark-colored Audi A1, A3 or similar car with substantial damage to the rear passenger side corner on Monday, please let the police know quoting the crime number 671."