Former Mepal Outdoor Centre to become forefront of new film

The former Mepal Outdoor Centre before demolition

Residents are being asked to help complete a film on the former Mepal Outdoor Centre. - Credit: Fenland on Film

Residents are being asked to help fund completion of a film capturing Mepal Outdoor Centre days before it was demolished.  

Fenland on Film have captured footage of the centre on celluloid film, which aims to show what remained, the potential of it and the ambience of the site.  

Producer Drew Berry said: "Despite the site being neglected and vandalised, there was still a wonderful energy about the place and it is my hope that I've harnessed some of that energy through the process of shooting on film.  

“I was one of a number of people who attempted to save the centre from demolition through the ‘Save Mepal Outdoor Centre’ campaign.  

Inside the former Mepal Outdoor Centre

Inside the former Mepal Outdoor Centre before demolition. - Credit: Fenland on Film

“When it became clear to me that the centre's fate was already sealed, I decided to document the site on celluloid film as a unique and lamenting farewell to an iconic local landmark.”  

Mr Berry has raised £90 out of £200 towards the project but requires the remaining £110 to complete the film.  

The film is expected to be released within a month of receiving the needed funds.  

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He added: “We shot a cartridge of Super 8 film last year and the film material still sits in the fridge awaiting processing and scanning.”  

To donate, visit:  

Aerial shot of the site of former Mepal Outdoor Centre

An aerial view of the site of the former Mepal Outdoor Centre which has been demolished. - Credit: Terry Harris

Plans to turn the former Mepal Outdoor Centre, which was demolished before Christmas last year, into a £6.5m crematorium have attracted criticism from opposition councillors.  

A decision on the plans has yet to be made by East Cambridgeshire District Council. 

*An earlier version of this article said Fenland on Film was compiling footage of the Mepal Outdoor Centre in its heyday and in the years it was operational and before it was demolished.

However, the film will be a brief look at the Mepal Outdoor Centre site in its final days before the main buildings were demolished. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused and are happy to clarify the position.