Meningitis survivor, Oliver raises hundreds for charity

Tracey, Oliver and Drew Chapman.

Tracey, Oliver and Drew Chapman. - Credit: Archant

A primary school pupil who survived a life-threatening strain of meningitis has raised hundreds of pounds by completing a charity run.

Oliver Chapman, from Ely, was just six-months-old when he was rushed to intensive care after developing bacterial meningitis.

Following a lumbar puncture and emergency scan, he spent three days under constant observation from doctors, who informed his parents, Tracey and Drew, that he was in a critical condition and may not survive.

But, thankfully, Oliver did pull through and is now thriving at Little Thetford Primary School.

Last month, Oliver and his parents completed a three-mile run in Milton Keynes, raising £600 for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Mrs Chapman said: “Oliver has a strong sense of right and wrong and was diagnosed as having an autistic spectrum disorder two years ago. Despite the challenges we cherish every day and we realize how fortunate Oliver is to have survived the illness.

“We just wanted to thank the Meningitis Research Foundation, family, friends and everyone who has supported us over the years.

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“The run was a huge achievement for Oliver; at the start of the run he refused to stand with everyone else because it was too crowded and noisy, and needed lots of reassurance to complete the run, but he did amazingly well and we are so proud.”