Meet Ely’s globe trotting vlogger Nathaniel Missin who’s gathered over 15,000 YouTube views by documenting two years of travelling

Nathaniel Missin, Globe Trotting Blogger.

Nathaniel Missin, Globe Trotting Blogger. - Credit: Archant

England isn’t the place for Nathaniel Missin. The 23-year-old who lives in Ely has travelled further than most people do in their whole life. In just two years.

From living with a tribe in the jungle in Thailand to scuba diving in Asia, road-tripping in Turkey and snowboarding in the Alps, he’s really done it all.

Next July, he’ll be back on the road again, taking part in the Mongo Rally with friend Kyan Gillett, raising money for charity by driving from England to Mongolia in the smallest and worst car possible.

“I’ve always known England wasn’t the place for me,” he begins.

“I left college and went to work with my dad as a plumber straight away, but I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

Deciding to leave Ely to see the world, Nathaniel recorded each memory on a Go Pro camera.

“I started off backpacking in Thailand for a couple of months where I stayed with a tribe in a jungle. It was the best thing I have ever done,” he adds.

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“Then I went to Dubai sightseeing, to the Alps snowboarding, worked in a school in Cambodia and road-tripped around Turkey with Kyan in an old jeep.”

Cleverly editing the trips together with rewinds and slow motion shots, his YouTube account, natesfortune, has since amassed over 15,000 views.

Nathaniel says he was inspired by watching Louis Cole, an internet famous travel vlogger with over one million YouTube subscribers and 706,000 Twitter followers.

Writing online, alongside his Thailand2014 video, Nathaniel says, ‘travel has always felt important to me. I don’t always think travelling is about the destination but more the journey’.

Though he admits it was daunting at first, “once you get comfortable, everything’s amazing,” he says.

Nathaniel, who is newly qualified to teach and would love to move Tokyo, adds, “the different people you meet, the food you get to try and the places you see are incredible.”

Later in the year, he’s planning another road trip, this time to Scotland where he and carpenter Kyan will “live off the land - Bear Grylls style.”

Then, next July, Nathaniel and Kyan are to take part in the Mongo Rally, a 10,000 mile pan-continental road trip, of which he says, “I wanted to do something a bit different.”

The Mongo Rally will see them drive from England to Mongolia in aid of Cool Earth, a charity which helps to protect and maintain rainforests, jungles and oceans.

“We haven’t decided on a car yet, but we have to find the smallest and crappiest one.

“To take part, we have to raise a minimum of £1000, so we’ll be doing all sorts of crazy things in town and in Cambridge soon,” he adds.

“It’ll take us between two and three weeks and there’s no set route. We just have to end up there.

“As soon as I found the challenge, I thought this is the one for me.”