Leading figures share their support for Ukraine lifeline group

Dean of Ely at Ukraine Lifeline warehouse in Pymoor

Dean of Ely, The Very Reverend Mark Bonney has showed his support for the Ukraine Lifeline group. - Credit: Facebook/Ely Cathedral

From Deans to mayors and MPs, some of the eastern region’s leading figures have shown their support for a group offering help to Ukraine. 

Last week, the Dean of Ely, The Very Reverend Mark Bonney visited the Corkers site in Pymoor, where ‘Ukraine Lifeline’ are distributing items from. 

Revd Bonney met Craig and Sarah Taylor, two of the organisers helping lorries with supplies to the country. 

Meanwhile, Dr Nik Johnson, mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, attended the warehouse and backed their efforts to support Ukraine. 

“With the Dean of Ely, it gets another sector of people coming in that probably are not on social media, but go to the cathedral,” Mr Taylor, of Ukraine Lifeline, said. 

“We had the Stevenage MP, Stephen McPartland, see us as we are working with ‘Stevenage Stands With Ukraine’.” 

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson at Ukraine Lifeline warehouse

Mayor Dr Nik Johnson has also shared his support for Ukraine Lifeline having visited the main distribution site. - Credit: Twitter/Mayor Dr Nik Johnson

Since the start of March, around £2 million of items have been donated to Ukraine Lifeline with seven to eight lorries of supplies due to head for Ukraine this week. 

Mr Taylor added: “They find it awe-inspiring with what’s happening and it’s given them hope.  

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“It’s giving Ukrainians hope that these people come and volunteer.”