Man who went on drug-fuelled rampage - attempting to steal four cars and stabbing ex-girlfriend’s father with kitchen knife - is jailed for nine and a half years

Thomas Gilheaney

Thomas Gilheaney - Credit: Archant

A man who went on a drug-fuelled rampage in Cambridge before attacking a man with a kitchen knife in his own home has been jailed for nine-and-a-half years.

Thomas Gilheaney, 25, was suffering paranoia brought on by taking crack cocaine and cannabis when he left David Lloyd Gym, in Coldhams Lane, on the evening of October 8 last year.

The court heard he then attempted to steal four cars by force.

He threw a punch at one man, which was blocked, and tried to take his car but could not get in.

He grabbed another woman by the arm and tried to drag her from her car but was challenged by another female motorist.

Gilheaney turned to her and punched her several times, leaving her with serious facial injuries and a broken finger.

However, she fought back so he tried to steal another man’s Range Rover but was warned off by a dog.

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Next he targeted a woman in a Mini and tried to drag her from the vehicle.

He threatened to shoot her by intimating he had a concealed gun and she gave the car up.

Gilheaney drove off at speed and began trying to find his ex-girlfriend.

He went to her father’s Cambridge home and, once inside, attacked him with the kitchen knife, leaving him with a serious head injury.

The victim managed to escape when his Jack Russell dog got in the way but the latter was stabbed by Gilheaney and later died of blood loss.

Gilheaney fled and was tracked down and arrested later the same day in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

On Monday May 16, Gilheaney, of Longfields, Harlow, Essex, was jailed for nine-and-a-half years at Cambridge Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to battery and attempted theft, three attempted robberies, robbery, a section 20 assault causing grievous bodily harm and criminal damage.

DC Tom Rogers, who investigated, said: “Gilheaney is an extremely dangerous man who caused serious injury to two people and psychological trauma to a number of others.

“Hopefully, this result will provide some comfort to his victims who can now get on with their lives knowing that justice has been done.”