Man receives 20 parking fines totalling £2,000 despite paying online each time

A 24-year-old man from Ely has received over 20 PCN parking notices from NCP parking after parking in Ely station

A 24-year-old man from Ely has received 20 parking fines from NCP parking after parking in Ely station car park to go to work. He's paid for parking every single time, and has evidence. - Credit: Google Maps

An Ely man has received 20 parking fines totalling £2,000 from the city's rail station car park - despite paying for this parking online every time. 

The 24-year-old's mother is now reaching out to see whether anyone else is having the same problem as her son. 

The son works as a barber in Cambridge and London, so uses Ely station, which is monitored under NCP parking, to park his car most mornings. 

On arrival, he pays online using the paybyphone app. 

“My son started going back to work after the Covid-19 lockdown eased in April,” said the mum. 

“He always pays for his parking in full online, but he can be a bit forgetful sometimes! 

“Therefore, I’ve got an account online for him through my email address so I know that he’s paid for parking.” 

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Over the past few months, the son has received over 20 PCN notices for failure to pay and is asked each time to pay £100 within 28 days. 

The family then go online to contest the notice, and upload evidence of payment every time. 

“After the 15th one came through the door, we got so fed up,” said the mum. 

“I sent an email on July 23 about his seven PCN notices between May 20 and June 1 to NCP disputes and all we get is that they’re so busy and they’re sorry. 

“He’d also received a few before that, so this dates all the way back to when he started parking there in April. 

“We’re unable to speak to anyone at NCP customer service, so we ended up writing a letter to them instead – no reply.” 

In the past week, the son has received a further five notices that date back to June. 

“I’ve chosen not to respond to these ones because I haven’t got time to keep going online and doing it to get no response. 

“I’m going to just leave it and see how far it goes. 

“My husband and I are interested to see whether anyone else has this problem when parking at Ely Station.

"So many people park there every day so it must just not be my son that's having this issue."

The family have again submitted a complaint on the NCP website, and are still awaiting a response. 

A spokesperson for NCP said: “There may have been an issue with the input of the customer’s registration number onto their PayByPhone account. 

"We’re liaising with PayByPhone and investigating to ascertain the root cause of this issue. 

"We will contact the customer directly once we can confirm the problem and we will place all PCNs on hold until we can determine the cause of the issue."