Man arrested in Soham on suspicion of hare coursing- and member of the public praised for calling in with report

Hare courser questioned in Soham

Hare courser questioned in Soham - Credit: Archant

Police made an arrest after being called to a report of hare coursing / illegal trespassing on land for game in Soham on Friday.

A police spokesman said: “A vehicle was found and was fitted out for carrying dogs.”

A suspect was detained, interviewed and reported for summons.

Police revealed the vehicle “was seized as evidence of crime and removed.”

PC Gerry Cronin said: “We will continue to take a positive action and zero tolerance approach to hare coursing and trespassing for game. “We will seize vehicles, we will seize any substantial amounts of money, and we will put people in front of the magistrates. How you get home is up to you.”

He added: “Many thanks to the member of the public who called their observations in.”