Man, 20, tried to put officer in headlock

GRAPPLING with a police officer landed Wilburton man Philip Maltby in front of magistrates in Cambridge this week.

Appearing in court on Monday, 20-year-old Maltby pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and disorderly and a second charge of assault on a constable.

The charges related to an incident which took place in Cambridge in the early hours of August 26 when Maltby and a friend Jody Murfitt, 23, were asked to leave the Fez Club by bouncers because they were heavily intoxicated.

The duo made their way to the Market Square where they were watched by police, who were concerned that they may continue to cause trouble.

Incensed that the officers had followed them, the duo began to verbally abuse them, Murfitt taunting the officers and bragging that he was a “stinking rich accountant.”

Maltby, of Twentypence Road, was told to leave the Market Square by police but he continued to cause trouble, squaring up to another man before officers moved in to arrest him.

As they did so, Maltby grabbed the officer and attempted to put him in a headlock. A second officer was quickly on the scene as the duo grappled and the 20-year-old was subdued.

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Addressing the magistrates, Maltby said: “I don’t normally act like that and I don’t normally drink that much. I reacted badly and I’m very sorry.”

He was fined �65 for being drunk and disorderly, �65 for assaulting the constable and was ordered to pay �85 costs and a �15 victim surcharge.

Murfitt, of 89 Scholars Walk, Cambridge, who continued to swear at officers as Maltby was tackled and was also subsequently arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Pleading guilty, Murfitt was fined �65 for being drunk and disorderly and was ordered to pay an �85 fine and a �15 victim surcharge.