Driver miraculously uninjured after car flies through telegraph pole and fences ‘at speed’ before coming to standstill in business yard

A driver was miraculously unscathed after the car they were driving ploughed through a telegraph pole and fences ‘at speed’ in East Cambridgeshire.

Police, fire and the ambulance service were called to Black Bank Road near Littleport and Little Downham on Friday, May 24 after reports came in of the black car leaving the road.

Officers say the driver left the scene after the crash occurred; eye-witnesses say they spotted the uninjured driver exiting the vehicle before fleeing the area.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: "We believe the vehicle was travelling at speed during this time due to the distance the vehicle had travelled.

"Upon arrival, officers saw a vehicle that had sustained severe damage after travelling through a telegraph pole, a wooden fence then a metal fence, as well as multiple other items.

"The person in question who was driving has been identified from witness accounts and photos taken and the collision will be investigated by officers as offences may have occurred."

Officers have gone on to say how lucky this driver was to escape the crash uninjured after they inspected the damage to the car at the scene.

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The spokesman added: "The driver had left the scene before we arrived. Luckily they did not sustain any serious injuries as witnesses saw them exit and make off from the scene."