Magpas Air Ambulance patient-turned-volunteer Helen leads recruitment drive

Magpas volunteer Helen and her husband, John.

Magpas volunteer Helen and her husband, John. - Credit: Archant

The Magpas Air Ambulance is using the story of a woman from Burwell whose live was saved by the emergency crew to try to encourage volunteers to come forward.

Helen, 55, suffered life-threatening head injuries and severe injuries to her body when a motorbike collided with her car four years ago.

The roof of her car caught on fire and caved in on her and she had just minutes to live. Fortunately, thanks to the quick-thinking actions of others around her and the Magpas team, Helen survived, and is now a volunteer there.

She said: “My head injury was so severe it was a long time before I could do anything, but when I got better I publically thanked all the people that saved my life, including the Magpas enhanced medical team who flew to me.

“From then onwards, all I wanted to do was help Magpas Air Ambulance in any way I could, because without them I wouldn’t be alive.”

“I did lots of voluntary work before my accident, but for me, being able to help Magpas is very special. As soon as I was well enough, I dove straight in.

“I helped to distribute collection tins, had my story featured in magazines to raise Magpas’ profile, encouraged people to donate and currently do talks for various community groups, telling all sorts of people about the incredible work that Magpas Air Ambulance do.”

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“Every day I wake up and I am so grateful to be alive. I want to help raise as much money as possible for Magpas Air Ambulance, I am determined to give people the same, amazing, life-saving opportunity that I was given.”

“For those who don’t know my story, I tell them, only because I want them to recognise how important a charity Magpas Air Ambulance is.

“Most people are open-mouthed when they hear what happened to me, but most importantly they understand how lucky we are to have such a crucial charity on our doorstop and want to find out how they can help Magpas continue to save lives like mine.”

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