LYN OF LITTLEPORT: Is it time for a re-think on our village rights of way?

Lyn Gibb-de-Swarte

Lyn Gibb-de-Swarte - Credit: Archant

We have all sorts of right of ways in Littleport.

I’ve got one outside my back door that comes in at the gate, through next door’s and into the next but one.

This is among the many gardens affected, unknown to the casual passer by.

The most famous of late was the one that leads off Parsons Lane into what is now called Peacock’s Meadow.

It went past the side of someone’s house and caused quite a furore when it was found they had blocked it off.

Recently there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle because one of the many joggers who are to be seen niftily running around the village of a morning, wondered whether they ought to be running across someone’s garden that appeared on their route through the fields near the Swan on the River.

They were reassured by everyone it’s all right, it is someone’s garden, but it is a right of way!

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Perhaps in these more precarious times there should be another look at any public rights of way through places that are basically private homes.

In the London suburb where I grew up, they have blocked off myriad back alleyways that had been village rights of ways for centuries, for the security of residents.

Apparently the Littleport walking club who meet on a Tuesday opposite the parish church at 10am, use their knowledge of the aforementioned rights to happily guide their members along public footpaths wherever they are, and wherever they may lead.

Of course, if you use a wheelchair, public right of way has a very different meaning.

Take the ramp onto the platform at Littleport Station. Well as a member of the public, a ramp is all you need, isn’t it?

However, it seems that the 90 degree angle on the corner turning onto the platform makes it impossible to steer a chair round it.

Something for the Littleport and Ely Access Group to investigate at the next meeting.

The village is also full of people who love their surroundings so much that they are forever taking stunning photographs of same.

These get posted on the many community Facebook pages etc. for all to admire and compare. There is a Camera Club that meets regularly, and on February 14 they are at the Tea Room in the YPL in Granby Street at 1pm.

Everyone is welcome.