MP Lucy Frazer backs Rishi for PM because 'I trust him'

 MP Lucy Frazer on a recent visit to JobCentre Plus in Ely. 

MP Lucy Frazer on a recent visit to JobCentre Plus in Ely to see at first hand the support they are providing to Ukrainian refugees looking for employment. - Credit: Lucy Frazer

SE Cambs MP Lucy Frazer will back Rishi Sunak to be Prime Minister. 

“I trust him to be honest with the public about the choices facing us,” she said. 

“I trust him to take serious decisions based on serious evidence.  

“I trust him to exercise fiscal responsibility and to act with integrity and decency. 

“And I trust that in doing so he will deliver for our country.” 

As MPs select two MPs to go before a final ballot of Conservative Party members, Ms Frazer is emphatic about her preferred choice.  

“Last week was possibly the most tumultuous time that I have experienced in my seven years as your local MP,” she said.  

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“And it has set in train a new course for our country.”  

The past week, she said, saw the process for selecting a new leader of the Conservative Party and a new Prime Minister get under way. 

“I am incredibly proud to be a member of a party that has candidates who reflect our diverse nation.  

“All of them have great strengths and would bring their qualities to Number 10. 

“But politics is about choices. And, as your MP, I must choose who I think will make the best leader for our country.” 

Ms Frazer said: “The question I am asking myself who is the best person to lead us through the challenging years ahead. 

“And with the cost of living rising and the international situation more uncertain than at any time since the end of the Cold War. 

“Who has the experience, grit, judgement and skills to chart us through the next few years? Who is a serious politician for these serious times? 

“In considering the answer to these questions, I have chosen to support Rishi.” 

Ms Frazer said: “This is because he has, in the last few years, gained the knowledge and experience of running the economy. 

“It’s because he showed in the pandemic, that he was capable of delivering – setting up a furlough scheme in 3 weeks – which saved over 11 million jobs.  

“These actions were described by the IMF as one of the best examples of co-ordinated action internationally.” 

The MP added: “It’s because Rishi Sunak is capable of delivering on the cost of living – identifying policies which were targeted, clearly thought through, well evidenced and backed by analysis. 

 “I have worked with him as a minister since September, and I have seen first-hand his dedication to the role. 

“I have seen his relentless work ethic, his mastery of the detail, complete grasp of his brief and his ability to set strategic direction and see the big picture.”