Lucy Frazer presses Transport Minister for improvements on A142 junction

 Lucy Frazer MP

Lucy Frazer MP - Credit: Archant

MP Lucy Frazer has met with the Parliamentary Secretary of State for Transport, Andrew Jones, to press home her concerns over traffic on the A142.

The SE Cambridgeshire MP, along with neighbouring MP Matthew Hancock, met with Mr Jones this week to outline their desire to see improvements to junction 37 between the A14 and A142 at Newmarket, with Ms Frazer saying the traffic on the junction often forces drivers to make “unsafe choices.”

She said: “There is strong local support, both from residents and Councils, for road improvements in the area. Currently too much traffic on the A14 and A142 means that drivers are often forced to make unsafe choices when trying to navigate Junction 37, and it is clear that a solution is needed.

“I am delighted that the Department for Transport has considered these concerns, and I look forward to working together with local councils, Highways England and the department to find a viable solution.”

Ms Frazer also highlighted the economic benefits of improving access and infrastructure in the area.