Lucy Frazer MP reveals she has had death threats, Brexit abuse and why we should leave the EU in an ‘ordered way’


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Lucy Frazer MP revealed how she has suffered death threats and abuse following the Brexit backlash and that we should leave the EU in an “ordered way and move on”.

The MP for South East Cambridgeshire said she felt parliament was making negotiations "harder" by saying the UK will leave without a deal on October 31.

In an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Ms Frazer also spoke of the abuse she has received from voters.

"People have strong feelings about Brexit," she said.

"So I expect their feelings to come to me as their MP who is someone who is voting about things that they care about.

"I have had death threats, not recently, but I have had them.

"It is very distressing but you need to become resilient.

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"I have had a lot of abuse."

It comes as constituents across the county - especially in Ely - have recently showed overwhelming support either to remain in the EU or to put the issue to a People's Vote to decide.

It was a close call for voters in East Cambridgeshire in 2016, with 50.9 per cent voting leave and 49.1 per cent voting remain.

Ms Frazer, who is also justice minister, said despite it being a "frustrating time" there needs to be a deal for leaving the EU.

"We have been in an uncertain position for over three years," she explained.

"We had a referendum and people said that they wanted to leave, so we need to leave in an ordered way and move on.

"This is frustrating for the country but we need a measured approach and to come together on this.

"I would like to leave with a deal, but I think parliament is making negotiations harder by saying we will leave without a deal.

"We need to keep the option of leaving on the table."

Speaking to BBC presenter Chris Mann last Friday (September 27), Ms Frazer also regaled how she once met former Prime Minister Theresa May in a toilet when she was first elected in 2015.

"She said well done for being elected and I was really impressed that she was following how women were getting on.

"Boris is very charming too on a one-to-one basis.

"He has always listened when I have spoken to him."