Look out for mystery shopping on your bank statement - Barclays cash machine in Burwell has been hacked

A Barclays cash machine

A Barclays cash machine - Credit: Archant

People are being urged to check their bank statements after a member of the public noticed something was wrong with the Barclays Bank cash point in Burwell.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said that “an eagle eyed member of the public” spotted something odd about the cash machine and when they investigated they found that a card skimming device had been placed by an offender.

The device is used to retain your card and record your PIN number as you attempt to remove cash from the machine.

It gives the appearance that your card has been detained by the bank, when in fact an offender would attend shortly afterwards to collect your card and PIN from the device.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Paul Symonds, said: “We are working with the bank fully and we have arrested a suspect with regard to this crime. “I’m keen to identify anyone who has fallen victim of this offence. This is a type of crime that I’m sure everyone wants to stop.”

Anyone who used the machine is being advised to check account receipts to see if any unauthorised charges have been placed against it.

If you had your card retained by the machine between the dates November 26 to December 5, then people are being urged to contact police.

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Det Con Symonds said: “Please call 101 and do share this to help us.”