East Cambs Lib Dem councillor takes the chair of key committee

Lorna Dupre at annual council meeting

Selfie by local councillor Lorna Dupre attending the annual meeting of the county council. The meeting switched to the aircraft hangar to allow for social distancing. - Credit: Lorna Dupre

A local councillor will play a major part in the rainbow alliance that has taken control of the county council. 

Lib Dem Lorna Dupre of Sutton will chair the environment and green investment committee.  

It is one of the top six committees.  

Cllr Dupre is among a group of women from both Lib Dems and Labour that occupy two thirds of the 18 committee chairs and vice chairs of the new council.  

Of the 61 council seats, Conservatives with 28 remain the largest party. 

But an alliance of Liberal Democrats (20 seats), Labour (9) and independents (4) has gained control. 

Cllr Dupre was at Shire Hall, Cambridge, on Friday when a two-year power sharing agreement was signed.  

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“Our joint administration will come to power after years of Government cuts,” said the alliance.  

“These have left our vital services chronically under-funded compared to the needs of the people we seek to serve.” 

With Cllr Dupre tweeting of “James Palmer's empire crashing” as a new Labour mayor took office, she believes “the dynamics of the next four years will be very different”.