Peter Harris wins City of Ely Council by-election

Newly elected City of Ely councillor Peter Harris

Newly elected City of Ely councillor Peter Harris - Credit: Archant

Peter Harris has been elected onto City of Ely Council as a parish councillor after receiving the highest number of votes from the East Ward by-election yesterday (April 7).  

Voters in Ely East visited the polling station during the hours of 7am and 10pm and counting commenced shortly after.  

It was later revealed that Peter, who will serve as an independent, had won the election, receiving 430 votes out of 637 cast; Matt Downey topped the poll in 2019.  

The second candidate, Rupert Moss-Eccardt, received 207 votes.  

“Ely must move forward positively and I hope I can help in this happening,” said Peter.  

“Cycling on the pavements in the city has become a major issue and there are a lot of older people living and visiting Ely who need access to local toilets. 

"Throughout the summer, toilets close at 4:30pm, couldn’t they close at 7pm or thereafter?  

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“Now I’ve got the time and I’ve still got the energy I want to help work towards making Ely an even better place for everyone who lives there and those who visit.”  

The turnout for this by-election was 17.51%.